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Technical Services

For over 40 years, Raven Electric Inc, located in Anchorage, AK has prided itself on being the “go-to” company for a wide variety of services. We simply provide services that most other electrical companies don’t offer. Aside from our commercial and residential electric and telecommunication services, Raven Electric Inc performs specialty services such as UPS systems installation and repair, battery testing and maintenance, Infrared (IR) inspections, arc flash, ground testing and much more.
Voltage Testing - Anchorage, AK

What Can We Do For You?

Wire Access Control Systems - Anchorage, AK

Infrared (IR) Inspections

IR Inspections is a cost-effective, non-invasive way to ensure your electrical system is healthy and in good shape. Our certified thermographers can find thermal anomalies that can lead to system failure before it becomes a problem. We’ll recommend a proactive way to implement repairs and decrease facility downtime.

Surveillance Camera Installation - Anchorage, AK

Arc Flash Analysis

A short circuit fault within your electrical distribution system can produce a rapid explosive discharge of electrical energy called an arc flash. Our team can provide NFPA 70E-compliant analysis of your system to identify what level of hazards that might be present, and what personnel protective equipment is needed.

Fiber Optic Installation - Anchorage, AK

UPS Systems

Our factory-trained personnel by multiple manufacturers can properly install and maintain your UPS system to keep your vital loads running all-year long. We’ll configure and install a system that fit your company’s specific needs.

Cable System Troubleshooting - Anchorage, AK

Battery Systems

Regardless of its application in UPS systems, telecommunication equipment, all batteries require regular maintenance and testing to ensure they are providing the performance you require. Our team will help you install, maintain, and replace VRLA, Flooded Cell, and Lithium-Ion systems.

Network Display Systems - Anchorage, AK

Ground Testing

Whether a simple or complex, grounding systems require testing to ensure their readiness. Having properly grounded electrical systems are crucial for the safety of your employees and equipment as it provides lightning a safe path to earth and prevents utility overvoltage. We have the trained personnel and equipment to perform three-point fall of potential, earth ground clamp testing, or ground bond integrity testing for existing sites in addition to four-point fall of potential ground testing for new sites before construction. We also perform MSHA required ground testing for gravel and asphalt operation plants.

Phone Booster- Anchorage, AK

Variable Frequency Drives

Our team is certified on ABB, Square D, and Yaskawa to perform startup and maintenance of their variable frequency drives. We regularly service other common manufacturers as well. These can improve the energy efficiency and maintenance costs of your operations by programming them to your specific needs.

Sound Systems - Anchorage, AK

Load Analysis & Power Quality

In order to determine if your existing distribution system has the capacity to add supplemental loads or to properly sizing emergency power system, our team will perform what’s called a Load Analysis. We can determine whether if your equipment is suffering from power quality that can damage and interrupt processes—causing costly downtime.

Sound Systems - Anchorage, AK

Electrical & Communications Inspections

Allow our team to keep your business in code compliance to ensure the safety of your employees and guests. We’ll inspect your facility to ensure the existing conditioning for code compliance and electrical safety.

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