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Commercial Services

Having a stable electrical system is paramount to your business’s success. At Raven Electric Inc we’ve helped many businesses in Anchorage, AK keep the electricity flowing, whether that be by installing backup systems or wiring a new building properly. However, did you know that we also perform arc flash analysis and infrared testing? We are one of the only electrical companies in the region that offers these services. It’s just another way Raven Electric goes above and beyond for our clients.

Commercial Electrician - Anchorage, AK

What Can We Do For You?

Electrical Design/Builds - Anchorage, AK


If you’re taking the big step to building a new facility for your company, we can help you design, build, and install the electrical system. Do not leave this crucial job up to just any electric company. Instead, rely on the 40+ years of experience Raven Electric can provide you.

Lighting Retrofits - Anchorage, AK

Lighting Retrofits

Upgrading existing lighting is a great way to freshen up an existing office, warehouse, or parking lot. With new advances in LED technology, new fixtures are much more efficient and the reduced utility costs can help pay for the upgrade.

Electrical Remodels - Anchorage, AK

Remodels / Tenant Improvements

Moving into a new space? Refreshing your existing space to bring it up to date or improve workflow? We can help!

New Equipment Wiring - Anchorage, AK

New Equipment Wiring

Installing new equipment for your business? Whether it is just a new printer or a whole printing press, we can help! We can provide you with a quote to install the electrical and have it ready when you need it.

Electrical Repairs - Anchorage, AK


When something isn’t working you need it fixed right. Whether it is just one light fixture or power to your whole building, you can trust us to get it working again as soon as possible.

Electrical Maintenance- Anchorage, AK

Preventative Maintenance

Unexpected downtime for your business can be a big problem. Take action to help prevent it! Regular maintenance including IR inspections can help identify problem spots in your electrical distribution system before it’s an emergency so necessary repairs can be scheduled.

Generators - Anchorage, AK

Generator Systems

Power outages happen, and they can be costly when it interrupts your operations. Our team can assess your needs and provide the design and installation of a generator to keep your company up and running until utility power can be restored.

UPS Systems - Anchorage, AK

UPS Systems

Some critical systems in your company simply can’t be allowed to go down. We can install an Uninterruptable Power System (UPS) for your critical power needs. Designed to power your servers, computers, phones, and networking equipment so they have reliable power to protect against the loss of data and productivity. From a single computer to an entire data center, we’ve got you covered.

Parking Lot Lighting - Anchorage, AK

Parking Lot Lighting

Want to make sure your parking lot is safe and inviting to customers? Making sure your parking lot lighting is working is a big part of that. We have the equipment needed to repair your existing exterior lighting, or refresh it with new and inviting LED fixtures.

Other Commercial Services We Provide

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